About Froggy's®

Froggy’s purpose is to fill a much needed gap in creative learning and play experiences for children of all ages in a safe, inviting environment parents will also enjoy. Froggy’s staff members are also talented. They are attentive “kids grown up” who, like Froggy, understand the needs of children and parents. The secret is – Froggy’s staffers enjoy being creative as much as he does. They also select the products they find irresistible, so kids will love personalizing clothing and gift items for family members, teachers, friends and, of course themselves!

Froggy is the talented, versatile and fun loving mascot for his unique arts and crafts studio. Froggy is an artist at heart who makes one of kind masterpieces for all to enjoy! Froggy’s pad is a child-friendly, parents welcome, colorful space; chock full of bright paints, shelves of toy and keepsake wood, ceramic, glass, fabric and cotton projects to embellish for “do-it-myself artists.”