Open a froggy's®

Froggy’s is an established art studio with a successful image, reputation and instant clientele. Froggy’s has character, enormous charm and marketing potential.   The kid’s party industry is a lucrative and promising business not only in the USA but internationally.  Froggy’s specializes in birthday parties, special occasions, classes, as well as offers a service for all the days in between.  Froggy’s is your local community art studio and more.

Opening a Froggy’s has the independence of owning your own business while having support of a current business model and curriculum.   Starting a new business idea from ground up be extremely risky and difficult, however, starting with a successful business model isn’t.  Detailed class curriculum, party formulas and event procedures are included with the licensing of a Froggy’s.   The work is already done! Froggy’s can begin operating immediately and with instant value, customers and a respected name brand.        

The Froggy’s character is easily identified and the name is always remembered with children and adults; the experience is what they enjoy and the Art is an added bonus!

  • Use of Froggy’s Name
  • Established Clientele
  • Curriculum: Classes, Parties & Events
  • Business Formula
  • Independence to Business Model


Licensing Rights for Froggy’s Arts and Crafts: Asking Price:  $25,000,Froggy’s License Renewal $1,000           

Here’s a look at what’s need:.

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